Couples Summer Retreat July 21-22, 2017

Is this weekend for us?

Þ This weekend gives you time away from everyday stresses and provides time for you to focus on each other.

Þ It is also a weekend for couples who are struggling and seeking hope for restoration of their relationship.

Þ Even if you have a strong foundation but would love to take time to reconnect and enjoy each others company in a fun and relaxing environment, this retreat is for you.

Attending will be so enlightening, and will give you the tools you need to enjoy each others differences and even embrace them.  Yes, it is possible.

This retreat is like no other.

 Beyond Hope

Di’s story prior to her marriage with Mark, was filled with broken promises and divorce, finding it hard to believe in the “happily ever after’s”.  However, after a chance meeting, and an unexplained connection, she was encouraged to give love another try.

They are determined to give others tools they can use, to find that happy place in their relationship.

The practical insights they share will change the way you see yourself and your mate.

When two unique people merge their lives in marriage, their personalities can either clash or complement each other.  When you understand your personality, your spouse’s personality, and how they blend together, you will enjoy a worthwhile marriage.

Di and Marks’ passion for strong homes and purposeful marriages has carried their mission far beyond what they have imagined.

Experiencing the trials they faced has prepared them for this role in ministry.  Di is a certified personality profile trainer and a life coach.


The $250  cost includes:

Your hotel room

4 meals

Supplies for all events



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