Mark and Di Yeargan

With a passion for real people seeking a real God. They have position Hope Chapel from a traditional denominational church, to be a relevant, modern, Spirit filled community of believers, where the power of God is displayed in a tangible way.  Providing place where the non-click people fit in.  The power of worship and strong teaching blend to bring forth growth you can not put a number on.Me and Mark 2013

Pastor Mark’s style of communication combines his sense of humor along with his meek character.  His hunger for true worship and a burden to see people connect with God intimately transcends the worship experience at Hope Chapel.

Pastor Di is a requested speaker for women’s retreats.  She is a certified Life Coach and is trained in personality assessments.  Her heart is for the Marriages and dynamics of families.  She has a passion for families to experience the same overcoming power of God that she has witnessed in her own life.

Mark and Di’s ultimate goal is to extend healing and restoration to the broken through God’s unlimited love and mercy.  Together they are the Senior Pastors at Hope Chapel.

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