What to expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-racking. But having an idea of what to expect can help. There are three main parts to Sunday service and followed by a little fellowship time:

Worship:  We sing contemporary music blended with a little southern gospel.  We invite you to join in as we worship.  Some people lift hands, some people may clap, and some will just sway with the music.  All forms of worship are allowed at Hope Chapel.

Preaching:  The ministry team is very diverse.  We have a unique blend of ministering styles.  Sometimes, you may see an illustrated message or the message that begins or end with a motivational video, and other times you may just hear the word of God being taught straight and easy to comprehend.

Prayer:  The alters are always open.  If you have a need or want to be prayed for before service or during Praise and Worship, just walk up to the front and someone will pray with you.  We pray a blessing on everyone at the end of the service for the next week, at this time, we may open the alters again for your pray time.

Fellowship:  This is the time to visit and get to know each others after the service.  Many gather together to talk or go for lunch after service.   Everyone is invited.


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